Canine Addison's Disease FAQ
(this is an incomplete list - I will be adding more shortly!)

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What is the ACTH test and what does it do?

Hydrocortisone - Prednisone Equivalent

What's the difference between primary and secondary Addison's Disease?

What is Atypical Addison's Disease?

What are the signs of too much and too little pred & florinef?

My dog has just been diagnosed - what can I expect???
(A Year with AD: Lessons Learned)

What is Sebaceous Adenitis?

How do I make sense of the lab results?

My AD dog is needing surgery - what can I expect?

How do you give your dogs small doses of pred?

Do you have any tips for flying with an AD dog?

What should I know before driving long distances with my AD dog?

Should I be feeding my AD dog a special diet?

How Often Can I / Should I use Milk Thistle?

Did someone say Salmon Cookies?

Should I vaccinate my AD dog?

Help with incontinence!

Are there any other health issues with AD dogs?

How can I tell good stress from bad?

Do I need to know anything about Carafate?

Hot Spot Remedy

How to switch from Prednisone to Hydrocortione

What about B Vitamins?

My dog has normal electrolytes, can it still be Addison's?

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