Canine Addison's Disease FAQ

Q. How do you give your dogs small doses of pred?

A. I put the tablet on a plate, and put a couple of drops of water on it. Let it soften, then get a really sharp knife or razor blade, and cut it in half, then quarters, eighths (if needed LOL). Let the pill dry a bit, then you can store it in a pill container.

There are also pill cutters available in drugstores (approx $5)

1mg tablets of pred are available, too.

A. There is a prednisolone syrup available. That syrup is 15 mg/teaspoon (5ml). So, doing the math...that is 3 mg/ml...or 1 mg in 1/3 of a ml. If your local pharmacy will not get it for you, I will if you want to try it. It has a sweet taste that dogs would like, but that cats do not care much for. There are oral syringes available that will measure 1/3 of a ml, and again if your local pharmacy will not get them for you, I have them. I can compound a prednisolone syrup as well or even put in an olive oil base flavored with chicken or beef or any number of flavors. Let me know if you get to the point where you need the syrup or need it custom made.
(courtesy Terry)
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