**Lady was adopted in July 2002 by a wonderful woman who also has a Great Pyrenees with Addison's Disease!

I'm a very pretty, snowy white, female German Shepherd. I'm 8 years young, and was in a foster home from April 9, 2002 to July 2002.

My owner was ill and could no longer care for me.

I'm active, housebroken, and have a very sweet temperament.

I need to be in a home without cats and just maybe one nice dog, because I do tend to rule the roost.

I also have Addison's disease, which made me very ill, but I'm now doing fine on medication. I also have a recurring ear infection, so I will need to be on medication permanently.

Please, I miss my daddy very much, but I need a home! Can you help me?

Whoever opens their heart and home to this lovely lady will be a very special person.

The vet is willing to give Lady's adopter Percorten at cost, so the cost of the Percorten could be covered for as long as 4 years. The breakdown of Lady's current costs is below:

Percorten - 1.8 cc per month
Each bottle contains 2 shots, @ $35 per shot (at cost)
Prednisone - 1/2 tablet (5 mg) every other day @ ~$7.00 per bottle

For more information about other German Shepherds in need of homes, contact:

Elena McKnight
South Brevard German Shepherd Rescue
Palm Bay, FL
(321) 724-8873

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