Instructions for Submitting Photos

If you'd like your Addisonian dog in next year's k9Addison's Calendar, you may submit scanned or digital photos by email.

Clear, crisp photos sent using the following instructions will be submitted to the graphic artist for inclusion in the calendar.

Scanned photos need to be at least 300 dpi. You achieve this by adjusting your scanner settings before scanning. This will be a large file.

Digital photos need to be large, and clear. My digital camera's photos are 1792 x 1200 pixels, which are large.

*Please don't crop or edit your photo.

*It's better to send in a photo that is too large than too small.

*Please don't send in grainy or blurry photos of your dog.

*We want recent photos - we won't accept photos used on websites, including the photos section of the list, unless your dog has passed on, that is the ONLY exception.

Examples of a "good photo" vs. a photo that will be rejected are here:

If you submit a photo, you are expected to purchase at least two calendars, but who can stop at two if your baby is a star??

2004 Calendars are $15 USD each.
Multiple orders (5 or more) are $13 each.
(Prices include shipping, packaging and handling to US and Canada).
Shipping costs will be slightly higher to overseas countries, please email for a quote.

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