Photo Examples

Okay, following are examples of digital photos taken of our up and coming Beauty Queen, Nina. There are some large files involved, so be prepared for quite a wait if you're using a dial-up connection.

Our first example is a lovely photo taken recently (June 21, 2003) of Nina, reclining on the porch swing. This is straight from the camera, and hasn't been retouched in any way. My graphics program tells me it's 1792 x 1200 pixels with a resolution of 72dpi (dots per square inch). Once we resize this to 300 dpi, the whole thing will print out to be 5.97 x 4.00 inches - a great size to work with!!

Our second example is the same photo as above, but it has been cropped, lightened, and resized to 300 dpi. See how much smaller it is from the original, yet contains a lot of detail and is still a large file? Again, my graphics program tells me that it will print out to be 4.58 x 2.91 inches, which is a LOT smaller than how it appears on the screen, but still is a great size for our graphic artist to play with and resize if need be.

Our third example uses two different versions of the same photo, and both look great on the web. The top photo is 72dpi, and measures 412 x 262 pixels and "looks big enough on my monitor". Want to know what's wrong with this?? Because we require a 300 dpi resolution to print clearly, when we resize this photo to 300 dpi (the bottom photo), it will print out to be only 1.37 x 0.87 inches - go ahead and try it, I did! Obviously that's not going to work for our calendar, even though it looks great for you at home.

Let me show you one of my favorite photos. I remember how I felt when it was taken, it was a really, really, nice day, and while I don't show up well, I think the dogs do. Have a look and see why one of my favorites would be rejected for the calendar.

Hopefully I've clarified what we need for the calendar. I have a hard time writing people and saying that we can't use their photo for whatever reason, so please save me the time and submit photos that will look GREAT!!!

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